Welcome to Unltd Mind

Welcome to Unltd Mind.

This is not a space where you’re being sold anything.
This is not a space that has any expectations of you.
This is not a space to make you envious of anything you feel you don’t have.
This is not a space to make you question your worthiness, your choices or even your existence.
This is not a ‘you have to’ space, or one to trigger comparisons between you and anyone else.

It is, however, a space that comes from a place of love.
It’s a space void of judgment.
It’s a space full of encouragement, admiration and support.
A space created to spark curiosity around encouraging an even more beautiful, fuller version of yourself.
It is a space that recognises and champions failures, breeds successes, bolsters identities, embraces creativity and promotes opportunities.
A space full of suggestions, growth, learning, understanding and truth. Somewhere you can learn to feel at peace with where and who you are in the present moment, and perhaps gain the confidence, inspiration, clarity and focus you’re looking for to unlock your bigger potential.

Above all, Unltd Mind is here to meet you at a crossroads on your journey. Regardless of how far behind you feel, how far you’ve come or how much you’ve deviated from your path, this is a space to help you keep putting one foot in front of the other, learn to stand proud and tall, and bridge the gap from the here to the there.
Bridging that gap is a continuous effort. It is an evergreen journey through life for which Unltd Mind offers insights, thought-provoking ideas, truths, stories, resources and, if you desire, coaching, to support you.

“How can I believe in myself more?”
“How can I live a more purposeful life?”
“How can I make sure I perform well in all aspects of my life, all at the same time?”
“How can I become healthier, in mind and in body?”
“Where do I find the motivation to achieve the goals I set for myself?”
“How can I show up for myself and others in a way that is kind, resourceful, effective and consistent?”
“How do I increase my confidence, self-belief, self-love?”
“How can I keep growing in my personal and professional life?”

These are some of the questions you might find answers to here. As a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and personal trainer and but also as a dad, a husband, a media executive and more importantly as a human being, maybe I can help you find a more meaningful purpose in life, inspire you to bridge your gap and bring a larger smile to your soul… just maybe.

My content on this website is my truth. I share my stories and my thoughts in the hope that they might touch you in some way and inspire you to make a change, try something new, discover new perspective and perhaps help someone else on your journey. At the very least, I hope that you find some of my content relatable, to remind you that you are not alone and that you don’t have to look very far to find someone who will listen.

Life is one hell of a journey. It is riddled with bumps, twists and turns – most of which unexpected and some bigger and harder than others – but life is and should be beautiful, however that may look for you.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. It should be cherished, shared, filled with love and purpose. It should be the result of the journey from a blank canvass to a wonderful and unique masterpiece, the result of which comes from countless iterations of you through endless paint spills and messes, an amalgamation of the brightest and darkest colours unrefined brushstrokes and perfect straight lines, rips and patches, unlimited choices… Your chef d’oeuvre is your story and you are the sole creator of it. “Life is a work of art. If you don’t like what you see, paint over it.”

I pray that you see your life this way, and if you’re struggling with that concept, send me a note and let’s talk.


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